Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 32

Crazy... this one skinhead dude from the U.K. just got hauled out on a stretcher... he turns 28 in a few days, he's actually pretty cool. They had him on the floor for like 5 mins. before he got rolled out, and I never saw him move, and he was turning purple... Fuck, I dunno what's up!? He had been drinking "Pruno" all day but that ain't it, I overheard him buying something a couple cells down. I dunno if it was dope or someone's meds or what, but that was just like 10 mins. before this happened so that has to be it.

So, it's the next day now, and they emptied his cell. I'm actually trying to move into it cuz you get a perfect TV shot, but yeah they won't tell us what's up with him. He's probably still in the hospital, gotta wait until a cool Dep. gets on to get some info! I'm fuckin' super bored today, sick of this shit. I like the hole better but the shower here sucks, it doesn't get real hot. And it's always freezing in jail so it makes a super enjoyable shower. We only come out of our cell every other day for an hour but lately I haven't been showering every time I'm out. I pretty much wait until I feel really gross, really gross... lol. Nasty, but whatever, I guess the only reason I'm super clean on the outs is because of human interaction (particularly female) and because showers/baths are so comfy. But, no interaction and no comfort, fuck it, I'm going like a Barbarian. I barely even shave anymore either. We don't even have mirrors in the hole and I don't get visits anymore now that I'm in the boonies. Funny that I keep my cell really clean though, guess I can tolerate my own nastiness but not nasty shit around me.

Speaking of cells! Fucking 20 minutes ago I asked the Dep. to move to the one I had mentioned earlier and just now, he let my neighbor move there! Just to spite me no doubt. And this neighbor's cell is FILTHY and every day he stuffs his trash under his door and into the day room! WTF!? Most of the Deps here are cool but there are always a couple that hate on me... fuck 'em! And fuck! I have fuckin' dandruff like a mofo! Never had this shit in my life! It's cuz they give us sorry ass shampoo in here, fuckin' cocksuckers. So I just found out from one of the Deps that the dude is alive, just at the hospital, guess he O.D.'d on somethin', as I had thought. He'll be back eventually. Slamming heroin! Just heard from one of the ese's.

Oh shit! Right now this lil' White dude just tried scrappin' 2 cops! He socked one, then they sandwiched him, and 20 seconds later like 20 more came running into the module... lol. They dragged him off somewhere, have no idea where, since this is the hole. Other guys say they're gonna go beat his ass and bring him back, we'll see. He's 20 years old and just signed for 12 years and his 2nd strike, this will make 3 and 25 to life! Crazy, his life is over just cuz of one punch. Dumb on his part, but even dumber that you can go to prison for life over a fucking punch, that caused zero damage! Oh and now he'll finally get his green outfit so he can be identified as dangerous like me... LMAO!

So a couple days have passed and the guy is not being charged! Crazy. Something must have looked bad on the camera, I think a Dep. hit him once he was cuffed, so they aren't doin' shit! Lucky guy! But it's how it should be. He does dumb shit, beat his ass, call it even, don't charge him! What else? The Aryan Brotherhood shot caller guy left for prison. 7 more years in the hole! Crazy, he had just done 12!! Can't imagine that shit! Oh, my wife finally got a job after getting her papers to work and everything. So happy! Her 1st American job... lol. That's gonna help our stress levels a lot! Now she needs to try and get her Drivers License. Lame thing is you can take the written exam in like 16 different languages, but the study books only come in 8!! WTF!? And you know how they word those things, try and trick you and shit! It's gonna be hard for her I think. She's tough/smart though so I'm sure she'll knock it out!

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